Las Vegas Crown Molding Installation

We specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into beautifully, handcrafted rooms with the addition of Crown Molding Installation, Interior Floor Base, Door and Decorative Moulding.

Adding crown molding is a decorative technique that can dramatically change the look of your home. Whether you are building a new house or remodeling an existing home, including upgrading trim and molding adds character and a level of detail that other techniques cannot match. Even a simple crown moldingaccompanied by a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for the feel of an otherwise plain room. Crown molding runs along the wall at the ceiling and come in a wide range of sizes and patterns. Crown Moulding softens the transition from wall to ceiling while adding a distinctive look and charm to most rooms. With the right paint you can really make a room pop, Its one of the first things people notice when coming into your home. Our Work is Guaranteed to receive plenty of compliments! Chair Rail is Moulding that runs in middle of the wall to add another decorative touch.

If your windows need repair after some recent changes, you might want to contact us for all your home window repairs in Las Vegas.

Crown molding comes in MDF, Ultralite (lightweight MDF), Finger Joint Pine (wood) and Polyurethane.  We can also supply crown molding in Fir, Pine, Oak Woods.

Trim Carpenter

The purpose of baseboard molding is to finish in the region where the wall meets the floor. It is best to select the baseboard that is proportional to the dimensions of the house.  Baseboards should be chosen to work in harmony with your casings to finish and tie the room together. Baseboards are usually thinner than the casing. Our baseboard moldings are available in MDF, Ultralite (lightweight MDF), and Finger joint wood.  We can also supply baseboard molding in Fir, Pine, Oak or any species, which you may desire.

Custom Cabinets in Las Vegas, NV

Just released, Custom Cabinets of Las Vegas Inc. the most famous Cabinet Maker in Las Vegas, NV has now started offering new kitchen cabinet installs. They are located at 3859 S Valley View Blvd #35, Las Vegas, NV 89103 and can be reached at (702) 602-9349. Their office is located conveniently only a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip.

Custom Woodworking Las Vegas by Reviving Vegas

Reviving Vegas offers some of the best woodworking services in Las Vegas, NV. Reviving Vegas has been designing custom furniture, custom beds, custom wall units, and much more in Southern Nevada. As a Clark County furniture maker, Reviving Vegas can build custom anything for your Las Vegas home.

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